The Meaning of Prayer and Supplication Part 2

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The Meaning of Prayer and Supplication

Part 2

The Word

What do we mean by supplication?

In Philippians 4:6-7, it says that when you pray this way, you will be able to come to a place of peace. The term that’s used there for peace means to guard as would a sentry.

Background: Throughout the Roman empire, there were cities in which there was a contingent of Roman soldiers. Philippi, to whom the letter was written, was such a Roman colony, a center of representative strength of the Roman government. It was to that people that the Apostle Paul uses a term they would more understand than many other communities would. When he uses the term “keep” or “guard” it is the same expression used of the soldiers who, like sentinels or sentries, would go marching about that city, preserving its boundaries, its defenses. It was the first place that would be attacked by an enemy that wanted to lay hold of that territory, but it was the last place that could be successfully overtaken because of the strength of its fortressing.

Philippians 4:6-7 says 1) we are not to worry but to 2) make our request known to God 3) with thanksgiving, and that 4) God’s peace will march about our request like a sentry.

The teaching of Scripture is that when we pray, we can be secure in that place of peace, like the citizens of Philippi who could look out at their city and see the soldiers guarding it. We don’t have to get up from praying and then spend the day wondering if God heard us or will answer our prayer. Supplication is the prayer that moves in the confidence of that peace.

The word supplication is directly related to the simple verb for “to bind” (Matthew 18:18). Wherever you encounter the term “supplication,” it is presenting to us that kind of prayer where we come to the Lord and move into the dimension of controlling by the power of God that which is uncontrollable by human power.

What can you do to stop the rising tide of evil?

You can do more than being indignant, condemning or vexed. According to the Word of God you can make supplication. That’s where you begin to enter in to the place of control, and binding.  Where we draw lines, as you are directed by the Holy Spirit.

We have the privilege to draw lines in prayer as we are directed by the Holy Spirit. “Ask what you will” doesn’t mean that God is obligated to answer prayers spoken without having entered into consultation with Him. The Holy Spirit will teach you how to pray. Where you don’t understand how, then you can pray in the Spirit, and He will make intercession with you, joining together with you in prayer so that effective imploring of God in behalf of the situation can be made.

Supplication is where I come into conference with God. Father, what is Your will in heaven that I may declare it on earth? It is where we are moving in partnership with the heavenly Father. His will for us is to learn how to move in response to what He has designed and is intending to do in any given situation.

The Lord wants those who will learn how to draw specific lines and begin to bind up (supplication) by the strength of the hand of God. There’s a pattern to binding, knots to be tied properly, if it’s to hold. “Binding” and “loosing” not spiritual guesswork; there’s a methodical approach to prayer when you come to binding. It’s not in the multitude of words, but the Lord will show you how to pray.

Binding and Loosing

Those who learn to pray with supplication are not people that have earned something from God, but they learned something of God. God has not taught us to pray prayers of destruction, but to bind up the works of darkness. It’s not our responsibility to tell God how to go about it, but it is our responsibility to take a posture of prayer against those things that are alien to His purpose for mankind, and to bind up their operation.

We are to pray for God’s righteousness to be revealed. God doesn’t give us the right to make judgment on any situation in binding it up otherwise it can wind up being no more than Pentecostal witchcraft. God wants us to enter into consultation with Him and while you’re functioning on the earth side of things, He’s guiding things sovereignly on the heaven side. You find out what He has in mind, what He’s already got bound there, and as He shows you His mind, then you bind those things on earth. Though He’s got them bound in heaven, until you take things over on earth, nothing will happen.

Prayer and the Word go together

Supplication is where we enter into the presence of God. Let Him talk to you from the Word and find out the grounds for your authority or what His mind is about how to deal with things.

Prayer is not just one side of devotional life and reading the Bible the other. Both enter into the same flow. We need to come into His presence, and let Him teach us, speak to us and direct us. Then we begin to learn where we can function and see what we’re supposed to do.

When someone asks you to pray, take a moment to ask the Lord how He would have you to pray over the situation. Ask Him to bring the Word to your mind with regard to it, and ask Him to show you how to pray. Then begin to pray in the Spirit. While you’re praying in the Spirit, you’ll find that, very likely, the Holy Spirit will bring to your mind exactly what you’re praying.

Praying as the Lord shows you how is revelation praying. You stymie the flow of evil, cut off the works of darkness, see health begin to be loosed, and the power of God manifest. With all kinds of prayer, spiritual battle is being done and supplication is going forth. When you have prayed that way, you know that you have entered into the counsels of eternity and loosed in time or bound in time what is the Father’s will for that situation, and when you’ve done that, Scripture says that peace comes to your heart.




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    I just read your post about the word supplication and wanted to take a moment to thank you. I found this to be very informative. When I first began to read – my first thought was “huh?” but as I continued to read, I found this to be very educational and have copied it into a word document so I can read it again in my study of the word supplication.

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    Thank you very much. I asked the question in my adult Sunday school class as to the meaning of the word “supplication”. Our teacher said it ment prayer. Now I can explain it to the class so we all may benefit.

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    Thanks for the powerful confirmation of Prayer and supplication. I woke up this morning thinking about this subject asking God for help. Yes, it is want I needed. I do not want to be just praying on my own…what you called pentecostal witchcraft. Thank you and God Bless your ministry.

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    What a simplistic and cleanly delineated clarification. I too was searching google for the meaning of supplication and am grateful to have come across this site. For sure I will hold on to this article and share it with others. Thank you.

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  16. Michael E. Munroe on August 29th, 2012 2:58 pm

    I was directed to this article as I researched ‘the effectual, fervent prayer.’ This is refreshing. More than a year ago, during discussion in Sunday school class, the Holy Spirit revealed to me, that, to pray to Jehovah, we who are praying must submit all of our thought and will to the will of Jehovah. We fail to pray when we fail to totally submit to HIS will at all times.

  17. Cheryl Fiedler on September 22nd, 2012 8:36 pm

    Found your wonderful article through google search of the word. It was a great help but I have a few questions. 1) What pattern? 2) What methodical approach? 3) What exactly do we say in supplication against evil? 4) What scriptures can you give as references to these questions?

    I’m studying prayer under Fruchtenbaum and he left a big hole on “supplication.” This is exactly what I needed. I just want to make sure I’m praying with supplications correctly.

    Praise God for your wisdom and insight.

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    Prayin this way will bring about results. God Bless

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    Oh my God i must confess staying up from about 1 am to 5am has not been a mistake studying the word. I havee been that kind of person that my emotion at times take greater conrtol over my mind that blurre the word of God that i have read. I can almost say with certainty the Lord has called me to destroy the work of darkesness in people’s lives. More often i have focused on the problem and turn to criticise, argue, condem, or even say negative things. Thanks so much because now i know how to be a real intercessor its not a physical matter but spirtual and i must relay totally on God to led me.

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    In my Bible study this morning of Phil 4, I was led to learn more of “supplication.” A Google search turned up your website. I so appreciated your explanation. There is so much to learn about “how to pray effectively.” And so, I was struck by the following questions on the blog to which I didn’t see an answer — the answer would be helpful to me as well. My family and I are under siege by satan and his minions, and I’m seeking a way to bind him from hindering my witness and fouling my life and that of those I love. I know the key is constant prayer; but I don’t seem to improve in my walk. Your article will certainly help me be more on target, but, in addition, perhaps answers to the questions Cheryl raises would be helpful to a lot of us:

    “Cheryl Fiedler on September 22nd, 2012 8:36 pm
    Found your wonderful article through google search of the word. It was a great help but I have a few questions. 1) What pattern? 2) What methodical approach? 3) What exactly do we say in supplication against evil? 4) What scriptures can you give as references to these questions?”

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  38. Kumashe Anum on October 7th, 2013 4:03 pm

    Thank God so much for that wonderful explanations. Now i know what prayer of supplication is, i am soo blessed. Thanks alot.

  39. admin on October 8th, 2013 12:29 pm

    1) What pattern? 2) What methodical approach? 3) What exactly do we say in supplication against evil? 4) What scriptures can you give as references to these questions?

    Blessings Carolyn! Sorrow I’m just responding back to you but I have been traveling and will be on the road again soon. I addressed these questions in my peace on Spiritual Warfare but to give you a synoptic overview let me deal with each question succinctly!

    1) The Pattern is not a formula but a Sincere Repentant Heart. James 5:16 gives us the appropriate approach and mindset one must be in when entering into the presence of Our God. He tells us that the effective fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much! This simply means that at all times we must, (to use todays vernacular) come clean with God! If there is something in your life or past which you need to confess then get it out of the way so that there is no hindrance of your walk of faith. Making sure that you are in the perfect will of Abba for your life.
    2) As to methodical approach the power of God is not released in your life by some formula but by and through a relationship with the Person of Yeshua The Christ! It is not about going around in a circle and say Jesus name ten times but more an intimate walk and relationship with Abba. Talk to Him as you would your closest friend. Sometimes it’s just a shout, JESUS HELP ME! Other times it’s more deliberate because you are bidding or loosing something or someone who you are interceding on behalf of.
    3) Again what we say is not so much a formula as a relationship! I can’t stress this enough! So often people are focused on the healing they need instead of the Healer! They spend so much time trying to wield spiritual power instead of seeking the Presence of The Power! We begin any and all entrances into the Presence of our Father by praise, reverence and thanksgiving! Not just always asking for something but giving thanks for what God has already done and is doing in our lives! The only time in the New Testament where we are told to struggle is where we are admonished to labor earnestly to enter into His Rest, Hebrews 4:11. In His rest we learn that It Is Finished! The battle has been won we only need to appropriate what Jesus did and accomplished on that Cross with His life and His shed Blood. And once you are aware of His presence and know that you are always basking in His Presence then you can say confidently and boldly to any demonic force or demon from hell, “I bind you in the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus The Christ) and by the authority of His shed Blood I command you demon to loose my family and be gone never to return again! Hallelujah! Remember He lives in you! He has given you authority over all the demons in Hell and the prince of the air Lucifer of this world. Own that dominion and authority! And don’t let satan lie and rob you of your heritage in Christ Jesus!
    4) As to Scripture there is a plethora of examples throughout the New Testament but I would read John 14, Matthew 8, Luke 13 and Mark 16 and especially Ephesians 6. But remember this is not about some contrived formula but a relationship with Jesus. Only then will the Powers of Heaven manifest in our lives! Blessings

  40. admin on October 8th, 2013 12:33 pm

    The Meaning of Prayer and Supplication

    Part 1

    The Word

    Text: Acts 2:41-42; Ephesians 6:18; Philippians 4:6-7; Matthew 18:18

    Authority, Transparency, Unity

    Life together for the early Church was centered under steadfast teaching of the truth under the authority of the Word, with leadership appointed by Jesus. He gives the same kind of leadership to the Church today (Ephesians 4:11-12). Fellowship was transparent, and they continued in the “breaking of bread” to foster a unity of spirit.

    …and Prayers

    Not just the singular prayer, but plural — in all manner of prayings. Not even counting those expressions of worship, thanksgiving, and praise that are exalting to the name of the Lord, but in just those terms that speak of our approach to God to petition, to entreat, to make request or specific call for action, there are no less than eight or nine expressions used in the N/T scriptures basically wrapped up in three concepts:

    General kinds of prayers, asking, beseeching the Lord
    They include:

    Prayer that invokes God’s blessing
    The generic term of praying to God
    The beseeching or imploring of the Lord, almost begging, but not as a beggar.
    The explicit asking, calling to Him with a desire of our heart
    Prayer that is a binding action
    It’s this binding action that comes into relationship with the term supplication.

    Whenever we pray, something happens of divine intervention. Ephesians 6:18 underscores prayer in the sense of spiritual warfare because we are a people that are going toward the Lord in a generation that is moving away from the Lord.

    His good grace toward us

    The word used most commonly in N/T scripture for prayer is proseuchomai Three things comprise the word: the preposition that means “toward,” the EU—we use that for eulogy—meaning good. The ending of the term is from the Greek word for grace. If you were to put it all together it is known to mean prayer, but the whole concept used here in Acts 2 is talking about coming toward the Lord on the basis of His good grace toward us.

    Coming toward the Lord because we have full acceptance. It emphasizes that movement toward Him on the grounds of grace, on the grounds of what He will do for us irrespective of what we have done. That’s not only in terms of receiving the forgiveness of God for your sins but also regarding your petitions in prayer.

    The early Church was not just piling up hours of prayers (Matthew 6:7). The compounding of prayers — praying continually — was built on the fact that they knew that they had good access to the grace of God, and they were moving toward Him, seeking to see His kingdom worked as they were praying. They were asking on the basis of His grace.

    This term is interesting also because of the two other words between which it appears in the Greek lexicon. The preceding word means “to approach, to move toward, or to come toward where you’re accepted.” It seems the Lord even arranged a language with its surrounding and related words to make a speech to us. The one just before saying, to come toward Him in open approach. The word following it means to hold toward.

    This skein of words convey the whole concept of prayer. To make a bold approach to the Lord, to ask on the basis of His good grace, and then “hang in there,” and hold on.

  41. admin on October 8th, 2013 12:35 pm

    Thank you I receive that blessing and No I don’t think I know him. All the best

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    Thank you sir! God strengthens you more with his wisdom. Amen.

  44. Hazel on November 4th, 2013 12:24 am

    Not only has your article given me the definition of supplication, it has also explained the concept of the methodical approach to binding and loosing on earth as it is in heaven, by taking the posture of prayer and listening/watching the Lord as He is in heaven.
    Thank you so much and more of God’s blessings on you in Jesus name

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    God Bless you..I have received deep gratification on the meaning of prayer and supplication. Just reading your description, ushered me in the presence of the Holy Spirit. My relationship with Jesus Christ has not anything to do with my imperfections, but all to do with His Perfection. He does not see me as I see myself. I am Covered by His Grace.
    Thank you once again, may God continue to Bless you abundantly.

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    What an amazing message! I’ve been wondering as to the meaning of the word “supplication” for quite some time, and have continually forgotten to look it up. I now see that the Lord clearly had specific plans (as He always does) for how I should receive true Holy Spirit understanding and comprehension of this word. I love learning and re-learning about how His timing is always perfect! Not only did this message clearly and definitively provide an outstanding Holy Spirit-inspired and Holy Spirit-provided explanation of the word “supplication”, but this message also came into perfect alignment with the exact season that God has me in right now. He is speaking confirmation upon confirmation upon confirmation to me. I am overwhelmed by His goodness, by His grace, by His tender-loving-kindness, by His mercy, and by His LOVE! All praise and glory and honor and power to Yahweh, our one and only sovereign, holy, perfect, and triune God reigning supreme over us and burning brightly alive inside of us! In Jesus name, Amen!

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    This is very helpful to me, i googled the word supplication cos i didnt understand what it meant after reading the scripture.

    May the Lord bless you for this. Bible says that he that waters shall be watered, you shall be watered by God.

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    God bless you for helping me understand supplication. This simple word holds immense meaning for believers in Jesus to survive in this world.

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  59. admin on February 20th, 2014 1:50 pm

    Application is simple prayer along with fasting, interceding or anointing and laying on with hands is the supplication part. Whenever we go before The Lord in prayer, we should always be specific as to what we are asking of Him on our behalf or that of others and once that is determined follow the directions which Scripture and Christ Jesus has given us. Blessings

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    Indeed it does! You’re welcome. God Bless

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    I was reading Ep. 6:18 and the words ‘supplication in the Spirit ‘ and supplication for all saints’ grabbed my attention. I recognized that the Holy Spirit was directing me and wanted me to get to the heart of ‘Supplication’. So, I decided to do some research and came up with your web page. Thanks for enlightening me. God is a good God. This has blessed my heart. I now have to search for Part 1.

  66. admin on March 24th, 2014 12:50 pm

    Part one and two are under the same categories but for your benefit I’ve updated both parts one and 2. Our Lords continued blessings upon you and yours!

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    You can find it under the March 24th 2014 postings of this year under sermons. God Bless

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