The Power of Prayer for Deliverance

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The Power of Prayer for Deliverance
Part 2 — Expect the enemy’s pursuit

The Word

Texts: Exodus 14:1-14


The Lord is calling us to consider His power to sever us from the past. Just as the children of Israel were called to sever forever their past relationship to the Egyptians, so are we “learning to live again” as people formerly enslaved to ourselves, to sin and to bondage.

There are three things we can expect when looking to see the past severed:

  1. Expect a surprising way.
  2. Expect the enemy’s pursuit.
  3. Expect an incredible deliverance.

In Part 1, we studied the Lord’s unpredictable pathway in telling Israel, through Moses, to take a different route out of Egypt than the obvious one charted by map. By sending them in a direction that made them appear to Pharaoh to be lost, the Lord provided for them with His presence in the form of the glory cloud, and protected them from a battle for which they were not prepared.

2. Expect the enemy’s pursuit

Throughout all his dealings with Moses, Pharaoh—who is a picture of the adversary—recants every time he agrees to let the children of Israel go. As soon as the current plague is lifted, Pharaoh goes back on his word. When he finally does let them go, he then changes his mind and decides to go back after them (v. 5). There are three things involved in that:

  • He begins to mock them. Pharaoh declares they are bewildered and don’t know what they are doing (v. 3).
  • He’s angry over loss of control. He wants his slaves back (v. 5).
  • He goes after them with the fiercest machinery he’s got — 600 choice chariots, the battle tanks of the ancient world (v. 7-9).

The children of Israel’s response when they turn around to see the Egyptians coming after them was to cry out in fear to God (v. 10) and then start chewing out Moses (v. 11). Isn’t that the way most people behave? They prayed to God and then started criticizing the nearest leader at hand.

There was reason for Israel to cry. The efforts of the adversary are not only to destroy but to intimidate. Pharaoh wasn’t just out to kill them; he’d liked to have seen them hauled back en masse to Egypt. The enemy wants to take all the captives he can. He’s not out to kill them, he’s out to get his slaves back.

In the midst of that situation, we are called to see for ourselves the pattern of the enemy’s pursuit:

  • He’ll mock you — “You don’t know what you’re doing; you’re stupid.”
  • He’s mad because he’s lost control over you.

Ephesians 2 says that the Lord has now freed you—who once walked according the prince of the power of the air—to rule over the spirit that works in the children of disobedience. The word that’s used there in the original language specifically indicates it’s like a puppeteer controlling the strings on a puppet.

When Satan tries to pull the string on a part of your life and he doesn’t get instant response, he hates that because the image of God is being restored in a former slave. He hates it because the likeness of Christ is beginning to happen in people who, until that time, had his brand on them, and now they’re being re-branded and shaped in the likeness of God.

He’ll do anything he can to intimidate people back into slavery. He’ll make the circumstances pile up around you. This isn’t just what happens to people when they get saved, like Israel’s coming out of Egypt. People face it when they first start to walk with the Lord, and others of us who have walked with Him for a long time are facing it right now.

There is a brilliance to the new things that Jesus keeps opening up and calling us to walk in. As He calls us to a new way, we find that He is also calling us to trust Him.

The adversary hates it because every time that God wants to do something in you, it becomes another occasion for the enemy to hate the creative work of God. Satan—who has no power to create—hates the Creator and the beauty of what God wants to do in us.

In this passage of Scripture, the Lord wants us to see how the adversary won’t give up coming after us in pursuit, but in order to sever our past as slaves, we are to be no longer controlled or directed by his intimidation or mockery.

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