The Power of Prayer for Deliverance

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The Power of Prayer for Deliverance
Part 3 — Expect an incredible deliverance

The Word

Texts: Exodus 14:10-31


Just as the children of Israel were called to sever forever their slave relationship to the Egyptians, so are we to sever our past as people formerly enslaved to ourselves, to sin and to bondage. There are three things we can expect when looking to see the past severed:

  1. Expect a surprising way
  2. Expect the enemy’s pursuit
  3. Expect an incredible deliverance

In Part 1, we studied the Lord’s unpredictable pathway in which He provided for them with His presence in the form of the glory cloud, and protected them from a battle for which they were not prepared. In Part 2, we identified the Adversary’s fury whenever God’s people are delivered, and his effort to mock and intimidate people back into slavery.

3. Expect an incredible deliverance

The children of Israel no sooner set off in their newly acquired freedom when they saw the Egyptians pursuing them from behind and the impassable Red Sea ahead. Time and again, when faced with challenge, the people complained about leadership (v. 10-12). Moses tells them to watch what the Lord does (v. 13-15), and it sounds like he’s just said a faith-filled thing. But the Lord says to him, Don’t just cry to Me. Tell the people to move forward, and take that stick you’ve got and hold it out (v. 15).

There are times when your back’s against the wall and you come to a place where nothing is going to help short of a raw miracle. An “incredible” deliverance is the only kind of deliverance that can work, and even though there’s nothing within your power to “help it along,” there is something for you to do:

  • Keep walking in faith
  • Extend your hands in prayer

They watched and waited at night

One thing many people overlook is that this all took place at night. In v. 21, the Bible says that when Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night. There’s no way we can really imagine what took place. The parting of the sea took place by an action of the wind, and it says the waters were piled up on each side. The people were watching and waiting all night.

What about your nights when the wind of God is blowing, and things aren’t dried out ahead. The miracle isn’t ready for you to walk in yet. The word for “wind” is the same as the word for “spirit,” and there are times when the Holy Spirit’s at work making a way for you where there is no way. You’re just standing there; and sometimes you want to dive in and swim; sometimes you want to run; sometimes you want to surrender to the enemy. You can hear the wind, but it’s too dark to see what’s happening out there.

Not until the sun begins to come up in the morning, can you stand and see what the wind — the Spirit of God — was doing during the night while you wondered what was going on. He’s been making a way for you, and you didn’t know it because you couldn’t imagine it.

When you go through the darkness of those kind of nights, it’s tempting to get mad at God, complain to whoever your counterpart to “Moses” is, decide to run back to Egypt, or say, “This is a bad plan and I could have told you that.” Instead, the Lord calls us to watch and wait through the night.

And the Lord corrected Moses’ when he told the people to stand still. He said, No you have the people keep moving ahead, closer and closer to the sea. It looked like the closer they got to the sea, the more certain it seemed they would either be driven into it or they would have no point of retreat, and would be taken captive again. But it was in that setting the glory cloud was light to them and darkness to the Egyptians so they were blockaded until God finished making the way.

In the darkness of that night, you may not be able to see all that God’s doing because it’s bigger than and beyond your imagination, but there will be enough light of His presence that you’ll know that He is there, and He’ll block the enemy from successfully being able to ensnare you because He’s bringing you to the place of severing the past completely.

Then they launched out the next morning

Israel’s stepping out and starting through the parted waters is as great a miracle as any in this story. How high were those towering mounds of water on each side? It takes a lot of faith to walk in a miracle. They were probably thinking, This thing can crash in on us at any time. Quite frankly, they probably would not even have attempted it if it weren’t for the fact that enemy was at their heels.

Sometimes the assault of the Adversary is a blessing in disguise; it drives us to dependence on the Lord. We’re cast upon His mercy and His miracle power.

They get to the other side and the enemy starts through. There are paths you can walk in the Spirit of God, but you can’t navigate in the machinery of man. The children of Israel were able to cross the uneven ground at the bottom of the sea’s floor by walking in obedience but the wheels of the Egyptian chariots just kept bumping into things and going loose because there was no roadway there. The Lord loosened the chariots’ wheels, things came apart, and the waters moved back in upon the Egyptians.

Water baptism is a means of severing the past

Verse 30 reads: So the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore.

It wasn’t just that their enemies were defeated. The Lord showed them the evidence of a broken adversary. In those days, it was traditional to proclaim your victory by putting your foot on the neck of your opponent. Though it’s not in the Bible, we can well imagine the children of Israel venturing out to see the dead Egyptians on the shore and putting a foot upon their neck. Never again, no more, forever, the Lord promised (v. 13).

There is a very important point of application: For every believer, the model picture of their baptism in water is the deliverance of Israel from the Egyptians at the Red Sea (1 Corinthians 10:2). It is the counterpart to our deliverance and the breaking of the power of the Adversary.

Water baptism is not “just a religious thing.” Jesus Christ commanded that everyone who has faith in Him be baptized (Mark 16:16). People need to come to the basic points of obedience to Christ if they expect to move in His liberty.

The application of this message is:

  • To those believers seeking victory in severing the bondage of the past;
  • To those believers who have never broached the magnificence of the dominion Christ has for you because you have never submitted to obedience to Him by being baptized in water.

According to Scripture, baptism is a pathway of deliverance. I’m not saying that every time you need deliverance you should get baptized. We need to have a childlike responsiveness to the Holy Spirit saying Do it. Jesus is bringing us to the place where we can stand with our foot on the neck of the Adversary and say, Never again, no more, forever.

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