Final Installment On Spiritual Warfare

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Deliverance from Sin

The Word

Text: Romans 6:6-23

Rejoice because your names are written in heaven

Deliverance is part of the message the Lord gave to His Church (Isaiah 61:1). It is the only aspect of ministry the Lord had to caution His disciples about (Luke 10:17-20). Jesus didn’t say, “Don’t do it.” He just told them to keep their perspective. Today, we are still like the early disciples. People will rise to rejoice far more readily if someone tells about a miraculous healing than if they testify that they led their friend to the Lord.

Often the subject of deliverance is taught as it pertains to the casting out of satanic power (Mark 16:17-18), and to the authority given to believers in Jesus Christ as they move in the power of the Kingdom of God. But deliverance is about the whole process of salvation.

Deliverance is a past, present and future matter

God has indeed made us to sit in heavenly places in Christ, and as we sit with Him, all powers are brought beneath our feet. But deliverance is a past, present and future matter (2 Corinthians 1:10). Sin is the reason we need deliverance. The present delivering process of the Lord, according to Scripture is from the works of the flesh and the works of Satan. With regard to the future, the Bible speaks of a day of ultimate deliverance from this body into our eternal, glorified body with the Lord (1 Corinthians 15; 1 Thessalonians 4).

The past: Deliverance from the penalty of sin

The wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23); this is the penalty of sin. Because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, there is no possibility, no hope for human flesh outside of a Man named Jesus who came to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:18). The word Jesus (O/T — Joshua) means Savior, Deliverer. The whole message of the Cross is that we’re delivered from the penalty of sin.

The present manifestations of sin

  • The works of the flesh (self)
  • The works of Satan
  • Sickness

Satan does assault believers, but assault is not the same as bondage. Sometimes a person is simply facing temptation. There seems to be a great problem of discerning between self and Satan. One mode of teaching says it’s a matter of victory over self (you need discipline). Another mode attributes everything to an assault of Satan (you need deliverance). Each is probably the case about half the time. The purpose of discernment between self and the devil is so you can face your adversary—be it yourself or the devil—and conquer.

First, sin finds its method of operation in our greatest enemy—self. You cannot cast out ‘self.’ What you can do is:

  • Reckon yourself dead unto sin but alive unto God (Romans 6:11).
  • Put to death [mortify] your members which are upon the earth (Colossians 3:5)
  • Be crucified with Christ. (Galatians 2:20)

Second, we have a great adversary in Satan who stimulated the rebellion in man, and fans the possibilities of sin in us constantly. Satan will often find a place to lodge in our human nature. If a believer can be filled with the Holy Spirit and moved upon by the Lord, Satan can find a means of expression to assault your nature, even though you love the Lord. Peter is an example of a disciple susceptible to the manifestation of the enemy (Matthew 16:16-23).

The third manifestation of sin is sickness, the great enemy of the human race. Jesus did not say to cast out sickness. There is a healing of the sick and a casting out of devils (Matthew 10:1). Some sickness is the manifestation of demonic presence and that spirit needs to be cast out if healing is going to be possible, but that’s not every case.

These are the means by which sin finds the possibility of manifesting itself, and the Lord has a way He has given to His Church to deal with each of them. In every case, you can call this deliverance.

Deliverance from sin comes from acceptance, obedience and authority

It would be easy if we could just cast out our selfish tendencies, but the only way to be free of the sin of self is to grow by feeding on the Word and walking in obedience. The Lord wants to develop the image and character of Jesus in us.

We are to contend in all three areas of proclaiming deliverance to the captive:

  • Deliverance from the penalty of sin is acceptance of the grace of God through Jesus Christ. It’s our privilege to go to people and say, “Jesus loves you, and He’ll forgive your sins.” The Holy Spirit will enable you to show the love of Jesus, and people sense that it is real, and there is freedom from their sins in it.
  • Deliverance from immaturity comes through obedience to the teaching of the Word of God and conquering of self through acknowledging the truth and the way of righteousness through Jesus. His life in you is key to triumph; you can stand by the power of His life.
  • Deliverance from the slavery of sin comes through the authority granted to believers to take dominion wherever that slavery is discovered to be still present.

When we trust and obey, there’s a path of joy in the Lord that continues to expand and open up to us. We need to grow in discernment and confront people

  • in the compassion of Jesus Christ and the gentleness of the Lord;
  • with wisdom that surpasses Solomon’s that only comes from Jesus;
  • to deal with them in the authority of the message of Jesus;
  • to cast out demons and see people stand in the freedom of the Lord;
  • and then to take them with the same arms of love and compassion and open to them the Word of God,
  • teaching them how they can conquer sin in this dimension of their life so they don’t open up to it again



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